My Favorite Online Accounts


I try not to spend too much time online, but who am I kidding?  There are just some Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts that I look forward to!  Whether I’m just scrolling through Instagram or checking out Facebook, there are some accounts that make me actually stop.  I’ve rounded up some of my favorites for each of my social media addiction sites!


1. Carly A. Heitlinger @carly

I absolutely love her blog (The College Prepster) and her Instagram!!  She has that casual preppy look and the cutest dogs!!

2. Julia Engel @juliahengel

Love her blog too (Gal Meets Glam)!! Her girly style and pretty pictures make me want to live in Charleston, SC!

3. Sadie Robertson @legitsadierob

Her posts are so fun and the Bible verses she throws in are always uplifting and come at the perfect time!!


1. James Breakwell @xplodingunicorn

This man is hilarious!!  He tweets his hilarious conversations with his 4 young daughters.  If you haven’t heard of him, definitely check out his tweets!

2. Josh Peck @ItsJoshPeck

I honestly couldn’t decide which social media to put him under.  He is hilarious on Instagram, twitter, snapchat, everything!!

3. Fallon Tonight @FallonTonight

I can never stay up late enough to actually watch The Tonight Show so I love seeing the highlights on twitter!  It’s always fun to see only the best parts of the show without having to stay up super late!


1. Tasty

I’m not on Facebook too often so I only have one real favorite.  This account is amazing!! The food videos are so fun to watch and always make me hungry.  I love how they make everything look so easy and so tasty (pun-intended) by the end of the video!

I try not to spend too much time online, but whenever I’m bored it can be so fun to just scroll through all these accounts to get outfit ideas, recipes, or a good laugh!!  Be sure to check them out!!

xo Carolyn