A Day in my Food Life


Image-1-3I love food.  I love trying new restaurants and eating great food.  Sometimes I stick to a food routine but most of the time I mix it up.  Getting burned out on food is something that tends to happen to me so the more I can mix up my diet the better!  I chose a random day to log all the food I eat so here goes!



I try to always eat breakfast.  Sometimes that means eating a granola bar and other times I go all out like I did today.  I made a mini quiche from Trader Joe’s in the oven with some strawberries.  My sister was also kind enough to share part of the smoothie she made.  And of course I rounded out the meal with a cup of coffee.



For lunch I had leftover homemade pasta salad with some cut up chicken pieces.  The chicken was also leftover.  Super simple, filling, and tasty!! I’m a strong believer in making the most out of every leftover dish!



Dinner consisted of chicken cooked in an InstaPot, rice, and green beans and asparagus topped with sliced almonds and parmesan cheese.  Super simple but tasty at the same time!!

There’s so much variety in the food I eat that this exact progression of meals will almost certainly never happen again!  Everyday is different and so is every meal!

xo Carolyn