My Favorite Online Accounts


I try not to spend too much time online, but who am I kidding?  There are just some Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts that I look forward to!  Whether I’m just scrolling through Instagram or checking out Facebook, there are some accounts that make me actually stop.  I’ve rounded up some of my favorites for each of my social media addiction sites!


1. Carly A. Heitlinger @carly

I absolutely love her blog (The College Prepster) and her Instagram!!  She has that casual preppy look and the cutest dogs!!

2. Julia Engel @juliahengel

Love her blog too (Gal Meets Glam)!! Her girly style and pretty pictures make me want to live in Charleston, SC!

3. Sadie Robertson @legitsadierob

Her posts are so fun and the Bible verses she throws in are always uplifting and come at the perfect time!!


1. James Breakwell @xplodingunicorn

This man is hilarious!!  He tweets his hilarious conversations with his 4 young daughters.  If you haven’t heard of him, definitely check out his tweets!

2. Josh Peck @ItsJoshPeck

I honestly couldn’t decide which social media to put him under.  He is hilarious on Instagram, twitter, snapchat, everything!!

3. Fallon Tonight @FallonTonight

I can never stay up late enough to actually watch The Tonight Show so I love seeing the highlights on twitter!  It’s always fun to see only the best parts of the show without having to stay up super late!


1. Tasty

I’m not on Facebook too often so I only have one real favorite.  This account is amazing!! The food videos are so fun to watch and always make me hungry.  I love how they make everything look so easy and so tasty (pun-intended) by the end of the video!

I try not to spend too much time online, but whenever I’m bored it can be so fun to just scroll through all these accounts to get outfit ideas, recipes, or a good laugh!!  Be sure to check them out!!

xo Carolyn

Easy Summer Hairstyles


During the school year I feel the need to always have my hair done and looking good.  But in the summer I’m all for just letting it be.  However there are times when I like to jazz it up just a tad while still looking super casual while putting in minimal effort.  Here are a few of my go-tos when I can’t just leave it alone but want something super easy…

Classic Ponytail//


IMG_9965 2.jpgA ponytail is as simple as it gets.  Super easy, super cute, what more can you want?

Simply Straight//



Straight hair can be a pain for me sometimes because my hair is naturally wavy and thick.  Sometimes I’m not down for the whole blow-dry then straighten situation but when I’m not being lazy, straight hair can be super easy.  It can also be dressed up or down!

Beach Waves//


Now, my hair is naturally pretty wavy so beach waves with salt spray is super easy and works super well with my hair!  There are so many ways to get those beach waves they may need a post all on their own! But for these waves I used this salt spray to do the trick!

Half Up Half Down//


One of my favorite hairstyles!  Probably half the time my hair is in one variation of this style! It is so easy and so so cute!!

Honestly in the summer my go-tos are beach waves or natural.  If I absolutely have to dress up, I go for the straight hair or try to style my beach waves.  Seriously, the least amount of effort I can put in with my hair still looking good is what I go for!

xo Carolyn

Top 8 Netflix Shows


I love Netflix.  My family has been utilizing their services since before streaming was a thing.  I remember waiting for DVDs to be sent in the mail and then sending them back so we could rent a new movie.  But now everything is right at the tips of my fingers, which can sometimes be a bad thing…

Right now I’m between shows and would LOVE recommendations!  I’ve been rewatching my favorite episodes and now am ready to branch out into new binge-worthy shows!

But for now, here are my top 10 favorite shows, in no particular order…

1. Friends


I love this classic series.  I relate to every character in a different way and the humor is spot on!

2. Parks and Recreation


I think my goal in life is to have as much passion and drive as Leslie Knope.  She is such an amazing character.  The show itself is also hilarious!  And who doesn’t love Chris Pratt?!

3. The Office


When I started this show a while ago, it seemed pretty hard to get into.  But watching it in spurts it is amazing.  The comedy is classic and the characters are hilarious.

4. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Tina Fey hit a home run with this show!  Every character is laugh-out-loud funny and the premise is hilarious!!

5. 30 Rock


Again, Tina Fey is amazing.  The show is a must-watch.  I even got my grandma to watch it and I’m pretty sure she loved it!!

6. New Girl


I love Zooey Deschanel and she is perfect in this show!  Her bubbly personality and naivety make her character highly entertaining!

7. How I Met Your Mother


Similar to Friends, in a way, this show is very entertaining.  If you have seen the show, yes I am on the side that the final episode was very disappointing, but don’t let that stop you from watching!!  If anything, watch it for Neil Patrick Harris’s character!

8. Gilmore Girls


Moving from the comedies to a slightly different kind of show, Gilmore Girls is wonderful.  It takes some time to get into but once you start, you can’t stop.  And with the revival recently, there is no way I can have a list of wonderful Netflix shows without this mother-daughter classic.

Clearly I gravitate toward one type of show but I am very open to recommendations!  I’ve also been watching Riverdale and Jane the Virgin but have kept up with those on tv.  I highly recommend both!  Let me know what your favorites are on Netflix!

xo Carolyn

Casual Summer Look


I wore this outfit for the Fourth of July but it could work in pretty much any situation.  I love how the dress is almost a denim blue but is such a soft fabric!  The rope cinch waist keeps the shape of the dress while still being adjustable for comfort.




I put Jack Rogers with the outfit to dress it up a bit but Birkenstocks, boots, or even Converse look great with a dress like this!


I NEVER wear lipstick but I had to throw on some red to make the outfit more festive and just pull the whole look together.  I would definitely recommend the lipstick I’m wearing!!  It’s the Matte Velvet Lipstick by PopBeauty in the shade Cozy Crimson.  I got it awhile ago and couldn’t find the same color online but trust me when I say this lipstick is worth it!  It stays on super well and goes on smooth.

Dress (no longer available) // Shoes // Earrings

xo Carolyn

Summer Playlist


I love having a playlist for a season!  I am constantly listening to music so a custom playlist with all of my current favorites is a definite MUST!  Whether I’m working, reading, showering, or getting ready, this is a compilation of the songs I love jamming out to in these hotter months.

As you can tell there’s a little bit of everything! It’s a little over an hour long.  If for some reason the link doesn’t work I’m including all the titles and artists!

Shape of You- Ed Sheeran
Castle on the Hill- Ed Sheeran
Despacito- Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Justin Bieber
I Wanna Dance with Somebody- Whitney Houston
Footloose- Kenny Loggins
Walking on Sunshine- Katrina & The Waves
Come On Eileen- Dexys Midnight Runners
Here Comes the Sun- The Beatles
Ophelia- The Lumineers
Slow it Down- The Lumineers
Babel- Mumford and Sons
Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood
God, Your Mama, and Me- Florida Georgia Line
H.O.L.Y.- Florida Georgia Line
Cruise- Florida Georgia Line
Sweet Caroline- Neil Diamond
House Party- Sam Hunt

xo Carolyn

Latest Adventure: Asheville, Charleston, and Kiawah Island


My family took the most amazing vacation down south this summer!  Every city we were in was unique and so so fun to explore!  Honestly, we are probably going to have to go back to all of these places because there just was not enough time to fit everything in!! A few of the highlights from each…


The Biltmore

The largest house in America, the Biltmore, is an absolute must-see if you go to North Carolina.  Definitely worth the trip.  My family and I did the Upstairs-Downstairs tour as well as the self-guided audio tour.  Both were worth it! There is no overlap between the two tours so you can do both and see a ton of different rooms of the house.  If you do a self-guided tour make sure you do the audio one.  Without it, you don’t learn anything.  There aren’t any signs giving explanations.




We hiked the Daniel Ridge Loop and it was beautiful! The hike was supposed to be only four miles but ended up being 6!  Not exactly sure how that happened…but it was still fun!


I didn’t take too many pictures in Charleston but let me tell you it was HOT!  And of course, my father made us walk everywhere!  We took a carriage ride tour through downtown which was fun!  It’s also always fun to walk through the market and to shop on King St.  I would also highly recommend a boat tour.  It felt so good to be out on the water and it was cool to ride by Fort Sumter and other famous spots along the South Carolina border.


My sister’s middle name is “Elizabeth” and my middle name is “Ann”


Kiawah Island

If I had to pick a favorite part of the trip it would definitely be Kiawah Island.  It was so nice to have a week of relaxation after a week of touristy things!  We had an amazing beach-front villa in Mariners Watch and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a place to stay on the island.  I absolutely loved every minute of the island.  The food was amazing and so was the beach.



The view from our villa!



Vacation time is wonderful but it’s also nice to be back home.  I’ve been to all three places before, but this trip I was able to do new things, eat more food, and have more fun than any other trip!  I can’t wait for the next adventure!!

xo Carolyn

Catch Up!


I have not blogged in FOREVER and, unfortunately, part of that is laziness.  I want to blog but finding time to take pictures and sit down to write a post has lately been a struggle.  However, another reason for the long hiatus is that so much has been happening!  I feel like my life just started taking off and is just now starting to slow down again!  I think it started with prom…

I had a blast at Prom!  My senior class chose the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and it was incredible!  To be honest, I spent more time in the museum than on the dance floor and had an absolute blast!


Dress // Shoes

A couple weeks later came graduation.  I don’t think it has hit me that I graduated high school yet.  The ceremony was great and it was a beautiful night!



Summer started officially and my family took a two-week vacation!  We had an amazing time in Asheville, NC and then went to Charleston, SC and on to Kiawah Island!  Everywhere we went was a blast!  I’ll share more specifics of our trip in a later post.

So much as happened and yet it feels like summer has just started!  Don’t worry though! This post is the beginning of a new, regular, and consistent posting schedule with tons of new content coming your way!!

xo Carolyn