Catch Up!


I have not blogged in FOREVER and, unfortunately, part of that is laziness.  I want to blog but finding time to take pictures and sit down to write a post has lately been a struggle.  However, another reason for the long hiatus is that so much has been happening!  I feel like my life just started taking off and is just now starting to slow down again!  I think it started with prom…

I had a blast at Prom!  My senior class chose the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and it was incredible!  To be honest, I spent more time in the museum than on the dance floor and had an absolute blast!


Dress // Shoes

A couple weeks later came graduation.  I don’t think it has hit me that I graduated high school yet.  The ceremony was great and it was a beautiful night!



Summer started officially and my family took a two-week vacation!  We had an amazing time in Asheville, NC and then went to Charleston, SC and on to Kiawah Island!  Everywhere we went was a blast!  I’ll share more specifics of our trip in a later post.

So much as happened and yet it feels like summer has just started!  Don’t worry though! This post is the beginning of a new, regular, and consistent posting schedule with tons of new content coming your way!!

xo Carolyn




I have had a busy week.  After sending my deposit into Centre College, it hit me that I was actually going to college.  I know I’m ready to move on, but every time something happens for the last time, a wave of sadness washes over me.

A month ago, I attended my last speech tournament.  Speech has been one of the biggest parts of my life for the past four years and it’s so sad to see it end.  I have been on two different speech teams and have made my mark on both the Kentucky High School Speech League as well as the Ohio High School Speech League.  While I won’t be continuing speech in college, I know that I am a more confident person because of speech.


Seeing speech end was sad, but what really prompted me to write about “lasts” was because last night I performed for the last time on the Bay High School stage with my amazing friends.  I’ve only lived here two years and have only been a part of the theater department for two years but it feels like I’ve been with these people my whole life.  I have never seen a group of people quite as amazing as them and I know I will never experience anything quite like it.  Yes, I plan on pursuing theatre in college, however I know it won’t be the same.  I am so thankful for these people and the opportunity to have performed with them for two years.


Being a senior in high school is amazing.  But it does come with some hard, ending moments.  However, with ever last moment, I know there will be an amazing new first experience in college.  These bittersweet moments are going to continue all through the rest of the school year and summer and that’s okay.  All it means is I will have so many exciting moments in the years to come.

xo Carolyn