Summer to Fall Outfit Ideas


We’re now in that awkward in-between season where all I want to do is wear fall sweaters, jeans, and boots but can’t because the temperature still reflects summer.  Luckily I’ve found ways to incorporate some of my favorite fall pieces into more summery outfits.


Typical skinny jeans are too hot but these distressed jeans are perfect paired with summer tops!  Jeans can also be a super easy go-to for nights out in the late summer!


Top (concert tee)// Jeans//

Jean Jacket//

A wardrobe essential, jean jackets can work in every season.  Paired with a summery dress, the jean jacket adds a touch of fall even during warmer days.


(I know I’m wearing leggings in this picture, the day it was taken it was kind of cold.  But the jacket still goes great with the dress and the dress is summery)

Jacket// Dress (Boutique)// Shoes

Fall Colors//

Sometimes just pulling out darker reds, navy’s and greens can make a summer outfit feel more like fall.


Sweater (old)//

Fall is my favorite season so I feel no shame in trying to make every end of summer outfit more fall-like!  Are there any pieces you like to start adding in at the end of summer?

xo Carolyn


What’s In My Purse


I basically have two purses that I alternate between using, a cute pink Kate Spade and a small purse my mom got me at a craft fair.  They are both super small and don’t fit too many things so the pressure is always on to keep my load small when I go out.


Absolute essentials include my phone and wallet.  I can’t leave the house without either of these, for obvious reasons.  Another essential is chapstick.  I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to chapstick.  Whenever I don’t have it I feel like I need it really bad and can focus on nothing except my lips.  Not fun if I’m going to be gone for awhile.


I try to also have a pen on me at all times.  It seems like whenever I don’t have a pen, I need one.

Because my purses are so small, most of the time my sunglass case doesn’t fit so I always have sunglasses on me but I generally just hold them or hook on my shirt.


Another little thing I almost always have on me is gum.  I love gum after almost every meal so having it with me is always handy.


With this little amount of stuff in my purse, it doesn’t normally get cluttered.  A clutter-free purse makes life a lot easier, however going forward I will be looking for a larger purse.  If you have a purse you absolutely LOVE, comment it below! I have a large Longchamp I love but it’s too big to be practical as an everyday purse.

What are some things you can’t leave home without?

xo Carolyn

Perfect Travel Outfit


Traveling seems to be the theme of the week!! I find myself doing a lot of traveling in the summer and fall with my family so I’ve pretty much figured out some staple pieces for any kind of travel, whether it be a flight or a long car ride.  It always amazes me to see how some people dress for travel.  I definitely go for practical and comfortable any time I’m traveling.


I pretty much always wear leggings.  Super comfy and also warm which is great for those  cold airports and planes.

In the summer I wear a tank top or t-shirt with a sweater or sweatshirt over top.  Like I’ve mentioned, airports tend to be cold but the destination can be warm so the sweater/tank top combo is practical and comfortable.

If I’m going on a plane, I like to keep my shoes easy to slip on and off through security.  It can be a pain to take off and put back on a pair of tennis shoes so I stick to my Birkenstocks.

I’d love to hear other tips and trick for traveling outfits!

xo Carolyn

Top (similar)// Sweater// Leggings// Shoes


Casual Summer Look


I wore this outfit for the Fourth of July but it could work in pretty much any situation.  I love how the dress is almost a denim blue but is such a soft fabric!  The rope cinch waist keeps the shape of the dress while still being adjustable for comfort.




I put Jack Rogers with the outfit to dress it up a bit but Birkenstocks, boots, or even Converse look great with a dress like this!


I NEVER wear lipstick but I had to throw on some red to make the outfit more festive and just pull the whole look together.  I would definitely recommend the lipstick I’m wearing!!  It’s the Matte Velvet Lipstick by PopBeauty in the shade Cozy Crimson.  I got it awhile ago and couldn’t find the same color online but trust me when I say this lipstick is worth it!  It stays on super well and goes on smooth.

Dress (no longer available) // Shoes // Earrings

xo Carolyn

March Favorites

March Favorites Cover Picture.jpg

Winter is in full swing and I am not digging the cold weather.  However, I have found some great products to reduce the depressing aspects of winter and to keep me cozy and comfy while patiently waiting for spring to come.

1. A Robe

Never underestimate the power of a good robe!  I just received one as a birthday present and I am OBSESSED!  I love having something warm and cozy to put on in the morning.  Mine is by Ugg and although it may appear to be slightly more costly than your average bathrobe it is well worth the money!

2. Bean Boots

I’ve written about these before (you can find the post here) but their greatness is worth praising again!  These boots can withstand snow, rain, sleet, cold weather, you name it!  I know these shoes have been around forever but they are still very cute and in style and I’m absolutely in love!

3. Hempz lotion

I know I can’t be alone in the horrors of dry skin in the winter so lotion is always a must.  I love Hempz because it smells good but doesn’t leave your hands greasy right after you put the lotion on so you’re free use your hands without being hindered by the grease of regular lotion.

4. Blanket Scarf

I did not understand the full awesomeness of the blanket scarf until my brother got one for me for Christmas.  Ever since then, I have been obsessed!!  It goes with absolutely everything and is the warmest and most comfortable accessory you can pair with everything.  Plus mine is from Amazon so if you have Prime there is free shipping and it is not expensive at all! I honestly don’t know what I was thinking by not owning one sooner.

It’s only early March and I’m already for spring and then summer.  Luckily I have these amazing products to keep me comfortable and able to tolerate the early March atmosphere.

xo Carolyn

Staying Cute in the Cold


In these cold winter months, getting out of bed can be hard enough and what’s harder is mustering up the desire to wear a cute outfit when you know all you are going to be doing is throwing a sweatshirt, jacket, and scarf over top and basically ruining the look.  Trust me, I’ve been there and I have those days where all I want to do is throw on a pair of leggings, a sweatshirt, a jacket and leave.  But I promise it is possible to just put in a little more effort and rock the cold weather look.

The most important thing is to remember to LAYER.  Start with a base shirt and work off that.  I’m wearing a chambray shirt but flannels or any other collard shirt works just as well.  Then add your sweater or sweatshirt.  Keep the collar out of the sweater and you’ve got yourself a super cute layered look!!  Scarves or statement necklaces work really well with this look so have fun accessorizing!

Peacoat’s can also be super cute but keep in mind sometimes they aren’t the warmest option.

Here’s my latest outfit for when the temperatures get low…img_6991


Peacoat: similar

Scarf: similar

Chambray Shirt: Von Maur

Boots: L. L. Bean

xo Carolyn