Casual Summer Look


I wore this outfit for the Fourth of July but it could work in pretty much any situation.  I love how the dress is almost a denim blue but is such a soft fabric!  The rope cinch waist keeps the shape of the dress while still being adjustable for comfort.




I put Jack Rogers with the outfit to dress it up a bit but Birkenstocks, boots, or even Converse look great with a dress like this!


I NEVER wear lipstick but I had to throw on some red to make the outfit more festive and just pull the whole look together.  I would definitely recommend the lipstick I’m wearing!!  It’s the Matte Velvet Lipstick by PopBeauty in the shade Cozy Crimson.  I got it awhile ago and couldn’t find the same color online but trust me when I say this lipstick is worth it!  It stays on super well and goes on smooth.

Dress (no longer available) // Shoes // Earrings

xo Carolyn


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