Latest Adventure: Asheville, Charleston, and Kiawah Island


My family took the most amazing vacation down south this summer!  Every city we were in was unique and so so fun to explore!  Honestly, we are probably going to have to go back to all of these places because there just was not enough time to fit everything in!! A few of the highlights from each…


The Biltmore

The largest house in America, the Biltmore, is an absolute must-see if you go to North Carolina.  Definitely worth the trip.  My family and I did the Upstairs-Downstairs tour as well as the self-guided audio tour.  Both were worth it! There is no overlap between the two tours so you can do both and see a ton of different rooms of the house.  If you do a self-guided tour make sure you do the audio one.  Without it, you don’t learn anything.  There aren’t any signs giving explanations.




We hiked the Daniel Ridge Loop and it was beautiful! The hike was supposed to be only four miles but ended up being 6!  Not exactly sure how that happened…but it was still fun!


I didn’t take too many pictures in Charleston but let me tell you it was HOT!  And of course, my father made us walk everywhere!  We took a carriage ride tour through downtown which was fun!  It’s also always fun to walk through the market and to shop on King St.  I would also highly recommend a boat tour.  It felt so good to be out on the water and it was cool to ride by Fort Sumter and other famous spots along the South Carolina border.


My sister’s middle name is “Elizabeth” and my middle name is “Ann”


Kiawah Island

If I had to pick a favorite part of the trip it would definitely be Kiawah Island.  It was so nice to have a week of relaxation after a week of touristy things!  We had an amazing beach-front villa in Mariners Watch and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a place to stay on the island.  I absolutely loved every minute of the island.  The food was amazing and so was the beach.



The view from our villa!



Vacation time is wonderful but it’s also nice to be back home.  I’ve been to all three places before, but this trip I was able to do new things, eat more food, and have more fun than any other trip!  I can’t wait for the next adventure!!

xo Carolyn


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