My Bucket List


I love goals and having something to work towards and while bucket lists can seem a little morbid, I think they are a great way to think about how you want to spend your time and what you want to have done or experienced in life!  I made a bucket list in 2014 and have since been able to check a few things off!!  So here goes my list of things to do before the day I die…

  1. Have my writing published

  2. Visit all 7 continents

  3. Be part of a TV audience

  4. Go to the Kentucky Derby  2015

  5. Visit New York City

  6. Travel first class

  7. Go to a midnight premiere

  8. Go on a road trip with friends

  9. Participate in a flash mob

  10. Run a marathon

  11. Own an apartment

  12. Own a house

  13. Float on the dead sea

  14. Start a blog 2016

I know I’m going to keep adding to this list as well as cross some things off as life happens but for now here are the 14 things that as of 2014 I want to do before I die.

xo Carolyn


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